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Paying for Long-Term Care: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Funding Senior Care

What happens when a senior can no longer live independently in their lifelong home? While some seniors plan their move themselves, most receive help from their adult children. But, there’s still a lot to manage – the stress of relocation, the emotional attachment to their family home, cleaning out their stuff, all while trying to find the best senior care community and figuring out how to fund it.

Anna Buys Houses specializes in helping seniors and their adult children with the often-stressful decision and process of transitioning into a senior living community. That’s why Anna co-authored, Paying for Long-Term Care: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Funding Senior Care, to help seniors and their families understand their options and guide them throughout the process with compassion and respect.

Her book provides a comprehensive overview of:

  • Senior service providers, resources, and senior living options
  • Costs of long-term care, including understanding Medicare and Medicaid
  • How to pay for care


  • Strategies for successful transitions to senior living
  • Healthy aging (e.g., companionship, safety, mental health, exercise, nutrition)
  • Planning for the future and lessons learned

“My personal experience with transitioning my dad from his home into senior care inspired me to share my story and co-author this book to help ease the burden for others going through similar situations. I am committed to a compassionate partnership with seniors and their families that combines education about community resources with an efficient home sale.” – Anna L. Graham, Founder of Anna Buys Houses 

In many circumstances, seniors experience some type of emergency that leaves little time to prepare for the transition from their home. Often, these are lifetime homes that carry an emotional attachment and years of memoirs to sort through and clean out. That’s where we come in. Anna Buys Houses provides education about community resources and we make it easy to sell your home on YOUR terms and timeline. By purchasing as is we relieve the burden of expensive repairs and exhausting clean outs.

If the time isn’t right to sell, we connect you with others who can help, like reliable roofers, cleaning services, and Realtors. Our goal is to decrease the family stress so that the focus can be placed on finding the best possible care for your loved one(s).

Download our complimentary book, Paying for Long-Term Care: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Funding Senior Care. We understand how difficult this transition can be. You are not alone!

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