Someone dear once told us,
“You make your own happiness.”

Serving other people well brings us great happiness and is the singular aim in our home buying business.

About Anna Buys Houses

We believe in empowering people to take action. All of us have things in our lives that could be better; real estate is one tool we have found that can create positive change in people’s lives. Speaking personally, selling property at the right time opened doors to new opportunities for us. We now seek to help others gain the same benefit.

Introduction to Anna Buys Houses  | 402-915-0959

Our focus is on relationships and helping our clients identify opportunities to use their real estate to improve their life situations. As a family-owned business in Omaha, we aim to come alongside and encourage people to explore the possibilities for using their real estate to their own benefit. Whether they own a single-family home or an apartment building, we can discuss options.  

We do buy houses fast and As-Is. But not always. Sometimes we connect our clients with others who can help, like reliable roofers, cleaning services, and Realtors. Our personal goal, which translates into how we run our business, is to serve and support others with creativity, kindness, and respect. Thus the heart in our logo.

Our Core Values

  1. Dedicated to solving problems creatively
  2. Passionate about serving others with kindness and respect
  3. Always honest, helpful, and team-oriented
  4. Accountable for attitude, actions, and results
  5. Pursuing excellence in all things – especially communication

Anna Buys Houses is a dream come true.

Why? Because each day my husband (Eric) and I have the opportunity to work together full-time in real estate – something we love to think about, talk about, and do. Rather than go our separate ways each morning, we can work together to grow our business.

As full-time entrepreneurs and real estate investors, we live in the vibrant city of Omaha, Nebraska. Having spent our careers working in both big cities and small towns, Omaha is the perfect place to be, because real estate is still quite affordable here, and the people are so amazingly kind and friendly.

Eric’s ability to find creative solutions to business challenges, and my desire to collaborate on interesting projects and help people find the best way to sell their home, makes each day a great adventure. We love meeting people and hope you’ll contact us if there are ways we can help you!

Meet Anna

For 20+ years, Anna has owned and managed rental properties and has worked alongside Eric on remodeling projects. She’s pulled wire, put up drywall (she never wants to do that again!), and painted dozens of rooms. She even has her own set of tools. Anna has also had extensive experience as a small business owner, so she understands and values the importance of honoring commitments and good communication. In her free time, she enjoys meeting people, cooking, reading, travel, and of course … looking at real estate!

Meet Eric

With his undergrad degree in electrical engineering, Eric has a passion for figuring out how systems work – whether wiring, plumbing, sound or mechanical systems. A few of his favorite projects have included re-wiring homes for family and friends, and designing and building out his own home theater. He and Anna are partners in everything they do. Eric loves problem-solving and helping others, so if there’s any real estate challenge you might have, feel free to reach out – there’s a good chance he’ll be able to help!

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have more questions, are curious about our process, or if you just want to learn more about us … please don’t hesitate – call Anna anytime!

Call today to start our conversation! 402-313-8700

This home on Seward St. used to be white and had an enclosed front porch. It has fresh paint now, inside and out, and we’ve completely updated it for a new owner to enjoy for decades to come!

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