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Anna Buys Houses – Who we are

We are Anna Buys Houses, a family-owned direct home buying company. Our goal is to make the sale of your home as seamless as possible, without the need to do repairs or renovations before you sell, without paying fees or commissions, and on a timeline that works best for YOU.

Anna Buys Houses doesn’t just buy homes; our primary objective is to help people who are facing some type of personal, property, or financial struggle find the best solution for selling their homes. For example, a job change that requires quick relocation, an inherited home that is too overwhelming to clean out or repair, a burdensome rental property, or the need to sell a lifetime home to finance a senior living community.

We buy houses from homeowners who want to sell their homes without the hassles of multiple showings, tons of paperwork, or having the sale fall through due to issues with the inspection or financing. Check out our simple 3-step process for buying your home!

Anna and Eric, owners of Anna Buys Houses

Our Story

After considering several different parts of the country, we decided to found Anna Buys Houses in Omaha, NE, a vibrant Midwest city with many older properties. Since 2020, we’ve been purchasing and renovating properties, bringing new life to older homes. In addition to our own joy of seeing homes transformed into revived structures that will stand for decades, there are several other significant outcomes. We’re able to help enhance neighborhoods by restoring the houses and apartment buildings that are in need of repairs and renovation, which helps to beautify the area. Our renovations also provide attractive, affordable homes for the next owner or renter. Additionally, we help improve property values for the other homeowners in the neighborhood.

In August 2023, we decided to make a move back to the Rocky Mountain region to be close to family, landing in north central Wyoming on the western side of the Bighorn Mountains. Anna was born and raised in Billings, Montana and lived in Bozeman with her husband and business partner, Eric, for 20 years. So, returning to this part of the country felt a little like coming home. Anna’s Montana roots are something she holds dear, and she is passionate about purchasing properties that need some TLC.

One of the most common things we hear from sellers is that their home is not ready to show and they want us to wait until they have had a chance to clean and make repairs before we visit their property. We’re truly an “as-is” home buying company. We are currently working on a home renovation project in Wyoming that’s our biggest to date. When we purchased the home, the owners were considering making major repairs to the home’s foundation. The terrain had shifted, causing the house to settle and some cracks to appear. They were quite relieved to hear that we were happy to buy their house as-is, meaning they could move forward with the purchase of their next home without having to make the investment in repairs or wait to sell their property until after the repairs were completed.

We currently buy properties as-is in Wyoming and Montana, in addition to Nebraska.

Our Mission

To offer an as-is home buying process that is simple, honest, and exceeds property owners’ expectations by listening to each seller’s individual circumstances and being flexible regarding terms of the sale.

Why choose us?

Our focus is on relationships and helping our clients reach the goals for the sale of their house that will help them move on to the next phase of their life.

Some of our clients don’t have the time or money to make updates or repairs to their home or they just aren’t comfortable showing their home to potential buyers in its current state. Others have homes that don’t need repairs and are truly market ready to sell, but due to job relocations or family situations they need to move by a specific date and can’t risk the uncertainty of a traditional sale, where the sale may fall through, or the buyer sets the closing date. Some clients want to make as much money as possible on the sale and others are okay making a little less if it gives them the flexibility to move when the time is best for them.

We never use high-pressure sales tactics, and we don’t buy every property we see. Sometimes we refer our clients to a real estate agent or other services when we believe they can get more money than by selling to us.

Whatever your situation, we’ll work with you to make the sale of your house one less thing to worry about.

We are fully licensed to operate our business in Nebraska, Montana, and Wyoming.

Anna Buys Houses is also a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. View our full profile here.

BBB Accredited Business. A+ Rating

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BBB Accredited Business. A+ Rating