7 Signs It Might Make Sense to Sell Your House

Sell Your House In

A house you purchased at one point in your life may not be the right house for you today. The good news is you have choices if you don’t want to hold onto your house forever!

People decide to sell their homes for many reasons. For some properties and situations, listing with a real estate agent makes a lot of sense. For others, a direct sale offers the speed, price, and convenience a homeowner may need. Below are a few signs that it may be time for you to sell your house!

It’s Just Too Big & Too Much Work!

You may have bought a home 30 years ago that was spacious and wonderful for you and your growing family. But today, the kids have moved out, and the house is simply too large for your current needs. While you may have many fond memories from your time in the home, as you get older, it can be really challenging to maintain … not just the house, but the yard too! And shoveling the driveway snow can be truly burdensome! If you are overwhelmed with its size, and the responsibility a larger home brings with it, it might be good to consider buying a smaller home or condo that’s better suited to your current needs. Not only can you hopefully simplify your life by moving to a smaller place, but opening the doors of your old house to a new family who can use all the space is exciting to think about. They’ll soon be making great family memories of their own.

It’s Too Small

On the other hand, perhaps you bought a house a few years back, but your family is growing and your current house just doesn’t have enough room for your family now. It’s good to think a year or two down the road … your kids may only want to share a room for so long! You might also enjoy having a guest bedroom, a 2-car garage, a designated home office, or even an exercise area… things that may not have been priorities in the past. If this is the case, more square footage and space may be the answer!

Extensive Repairs Are Overwhelming

For many properties, deferred maintenance and repairs can snowball over time. To get your property in prime selling condition may require more time and money than you’d like to spend. While some people love fixing up a home to sell, and thinking about all the staging options, other people really don’t like worrying about all those details. And some really don’t want to feel obligated to fix it up at all, since they’re just going to move anyway and won’t be there to enjoy it. For those folks, a direct sale to a professional home buying company like Anna Buys Houses will let them sell the house exactly as it stands today, no repairs necessary.

The Market is Hot!

Did your neighbor just make a fortune selling their house? If this is the case, it might be time to test the waters by listing your house on the market, too. Potential buyers will be looking at recent sales in the area, and seeing the price of the recent sale down your street can easily boost the comps and the listing price for your property. Even if you had planned on living in the house forever, for the right price, a move just might be well worth it financially!

Ready For a New Neighborhood

Once upon a time, years ago, you loved living in a walkable neighborhood with bustling shops and restaurants nearby. But now, as the years have gone by, you really want something a bit quieter, without the noise, the traffic, and the parking issues. What we want and need in a neighborhood can change over time. Or maybe it’s your neighbors and neighborhood that have changed, no longer giving you the love of place that you once had before. If this is the case, considering a move to a new area more suited to your current needs and desires might be a positive thing.

Better Schools

People sometimes buy a house without giving too much thought to their designated school district. But as you start a family and your kids get older, you often develop a greater interest in the education of your children (or future children!) School ratings are used by home buyers both with and without children. Great schools will typically lead to a better neighborhood overall and higher home prices.

Dreaming of Something Else …

Maybe you’ve always wanted to buy a house out in the country. Or a house along the river. Or living in the heart of the city sounds incredibly exciting to you. If you can figure out a way to make a move, your dreams can become reality. You might pose the question, if not now, when? Sometimes we become so comfortable in our living situation, we forget there are other places and ways to live! Trying something new can be exciting and beneficial in many ways.

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