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We started Anna Buys Houses because we love real estate and helping others. Buying and selling property at the right time opened doors to new opportunities for us to pursue our dream job of owning our own real estate investment company. However, we recognized that one size does not fit all when it comes to selling a property. Our mission is to offer an as-is home buying process that is simple, honest, and exceeds property owners’ expectations by listening to each seller’s individual circumstances and being flexible regarding terms of the sale.

Something we hear time and again is that people think that their home needs to be in better shape before they will be able to sell it, that they are too overwhelmed to get their home ready to sell, or that they need flexibility regarding the timing of closing the sale. For apartment building owners there are similar concerns—they may be tired of fixing broken toilets or managing problem tenants, but they want to keep the cash flow from their rental. That’s where we come in. Our vision is to be the most trusted as-is home buyer in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. To accomplish this, we’ll continue to grow our business based on our promise to listen to our clients and present an offer that works for both of us, or make a referral if we think they can get a better price by selling retail.

“Someone dear once told us, ‘You make your own happiness.’ Serving other people well brings us great happiness and is the singular aim in our home buying business.”

–Anna L. Graham

Meet Our Team

Anna L. Graham, Founder & Owner

Founder of ABH Anna Graham

Anna believes communication is the key to success in all things. Her career path has been built on the foundation of good communication—from her work in public relations and marketing, to donor relations, and ultimately as a small business owner. Anna’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of real estate have landed her in her dream role as the owner of Anna Buys Houses. Her primary goal is to provide her clients with a home buying process that is simple, honest and direct, and hopefully exceeds their expectations. One that begins and ends with excellent communication. Selling a home can be very personal, especially for seniors selling a lifetime home to help finance a senior living community. Anna understands, having helped her own father make this transition. She is certified as a Senior Transition Specialist which entails being an advocate for seniors and their families as they navigate the resources available regarding senior care. An experienced as-is home buyer, Anna works tirelessly to make sure her clients have all the resources they need to make the most informed decision about their property—whether that decision is to sell to Anna Buys Houses or choose another alternative.

Eric Lindeen, VP of Operations & Marketing

Eric Lindeen, VP Operations & Marketing

Eric is an electrical engineer/systems administrator and marketing leader by trade, but a natural problem solver and Mr. Fixit at heart. He has always had a knack for figuring out how to make things work—whether improving the performance of operating systems and software or running an effective marketing campaign. From an early age, Eric has had a passion for real estate which led to a history of owning and managing rental properties. This lifelong passion has evolved into his current career as a real estate investor and as-is home buyer, where he can put his natural talents and experience in real estate to work for his clients. He is also certified as a Senior Transition Specialist, which entails being an advocate for seniors and helping families transition their aging loved ones into senior care. Whatever your circumstance, Eric is ready to help put your property—whether it is a single-family home or apartment building—to work for you so you can move on to the next chapter in your life.

Apple Talbin, Executive Assistant

Apple brings nearly a decade of customer service experience to her role at Anna Buys Houses. In 2021 she fell head over heels for real estate and quickly realized her passion for helping others is a perfect fit when working with buyers and sellers. Particularly when they are facing some type of personal, financial, or property challenge. As the first point of contact for many of our clients, she has a keen ability to put herself in their shoes. Apple understands that selling a home can be daunting and she strives to make it as stress-free as possible for every client as she guides them through each step in the process. Her goal is to coordinate a smooth transaction — from setting the initial appointment to view a property to working with all parties involved in the sale to ensure that documents are in order and timelines are met. Apple’s background in psychology, customer service, and real estate—coupled with her can-do attitude and penchant for keeping everything on track—make her a great fit for our team. From contract to closing you can count on Apple to deliver on time and with a smile!

Our Core Values

  1. Dedicated to finding creative solutions for the sale of each client’s home, based on their individual situation.
  2. Passionate about serving our clients, vendors, and colleagues with kindness and respect.
  3. Always honest, helpful, trustworthy, and focused on the best outcomes for our clients.
  4. Accountable for attitude, actions, and results during every home buying process.
  5. Focused on pursuing excellence in all things – especially communication.

Our personal goal, which translates into how we run our business, is to serve and support others with a home buying process that exceeds their expectations. The heart in our logo is symbolic of our core values.

Learn How We Work With Homeowners

If you have more questions, are curious about our process, or if you just want to learn more about us … please don’t hesitate, call Anna anytime!

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Our door is open and we are ready to help you with whatever real estate challenge you are facing. Come on in!

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Paying for long-term care

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  • Strategies for successful transitions to senior living
  • Healthy aging (e.g., companionship, safety, mental health, exercise, nutrition)
  • Planning for the future and lessons learned

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