Is Craigslist or Marketplace good for Selling My Home in Omaha

If you need to sell something, don’t you usually start online? The most common place to start is Craigslist, though Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp might be close behind. But, is it different if you want to sell a house. A great question is: “Does it make sense to sell my house on Craigslist in Omaha?”

You can always list it, but what are the odds of selling? It turns out they are actually pretty good if you get the details right. Craigslist receives over 50 billion monthly page views, so your ad is likely to be seen.

Is Craigslist or Marketplace good for Selling My Home in Omaha

So, what are the key factors to create a successful ad? You need to get the headline, body, pictures, and even the posting time just right. Here are some tips to get things started.

Catch Attention with a Strong Headline

Eighty percent of users read headlines, but only 20% of those will go on to read the rest of the ad or article. What’s really crazy is that when people share links, only 60% of them read the article before sharing! The takeaway is clear. Your Craigslist headline is critical to getting good responses.

The goal of the headline is to get the reader into the body of your ad. Catch their attention, but don’t mislead or exaggerate anything. People love numbers, so you might consider a more playful headline, like “5 Reasons to Buy my Craftsman Home in Omaha“. One more tip, odd numbers work better than even numbers. By asking a question or suggesting a list, you will make them wonder what they will learn from the content. Tease them just enough to get the click.

Tell the Story in the Body

The body of your ad is where you answer the questions you raised in the headline. Keep it simple, but be complete. One of the biggest turnoffs is an incomplete ad (how many times have you clicked away frustrated that you couldn’t tell if you wanted what they were selling. People like to scan and are often on their phone, so format your text to match. Use short paragraphs, bullet points or lists, and be through.  Be sure to check your spelling and grammar before you submit. Use a tool like Gramerly to find run-on sentences and common misspellings. Poor quality in your ad copy will make people leery of your house.

Another thing to consider is how people might be searching for a house like your. Are there any keywords you could include to make your home easier to find? Craigslist displays ads based on what people search for, so you want to include relevant terms. Is it a Craftman or Racnh home? How many bedrooms? Which school will their kids attend? Mix it up if you aren’t getting any responses.

Pictures Engage The Story

Craigslist let’s you include up to 24 pictures (Facebook Marketplace only allows 10), so be sure to show off your home in detail. For most buyers, the pictures will be more important than the body of the ad. Start with the exterior, then walk the viewer through the home: Entry way, living room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bath, other bedrooms, other bathroom, then the basement. Take images of rooms and show off the space. You can describe your new refrigerator or furnace in the ad copy. Is the yard fenced? Maybe include a picture of your dog having fun in the yard…

After you take the photos of the house, be sure to edit them and reduce the size. Cellphone cameras can take massive pictures and people won’t want to wait for them to load (especially not 22 of them). Reduce the size to around 900 pixel wide and you will do well.

It Matters When You Post

Think about when your potential buyers might be looking at ads? A lot of Craigslist traffic is on weekdays between 10:00 am and noon (apparently people are distracted at work). Another good time is after 5:00 pm on weekdays. Still, think about your buyer. Are they bored at work or super busy until they get home. They key to selling your home in Omaha on Craiglist is to target the times your buyers are online. If you think the weekend is your best option, most experts recommend Saturday morning.

It is possible to sell an Omaha home on Craigslist! Be prepared that you’ll need to talk to lots of strangers, coordinate showings, and welcome people into your home. You may also make less on your home than you would paying a commission to a professional. You might also consider selling to a cash home buyer. Companies like Anna Buys Houses can make the entire process of selling your house much easier.


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