A New Resource Designed to Help Seniors and Their Families Plan for Aging

None of us like to think about growing older and the impact that aging may have on our health, finances, and overall quality of life. There are important considerations as we age that are best to address when we are healthy and able. Are you looking forward to retirement? If so, have you saved enough to retire comfortably? Do you want to “age in place” in your lifetime home? What will happen if an unexpected health situation arises? Who will be in charge if you are unable to make decisions for yourself? Do you have a will or advance directive for health care decisions? These aren’t easy questions to contemplate or discuss with loved ones. Unfortunately, it is often an emergency that prompts the conversation about these topics between seniors and their families, or whomever they trust to manage their affairs.

I have managed senior care and end-of-life issues with my own family, and throughout this journey learned many valuable lessons along the way. My personal experience was the inspiration for developing Anna Helps Seniors, an informational website designed to help seniors and their families address common situations that come with aging and make informed decisions about long-term care. It’s not easy to navigate the complexities of healthcare, finances, eligibility for government benefit programs, and legal documents. Before a crisis strikes, take the time to prepare for aging well and ensuring your wishes are carried out.

Anna Helps Seniors isn’t simply about preparing for the unexpected, it serves as a resource that connects seniors and their adult children to information covering a range of topics, including selecting a placement agent that can help with senior living options and determining the cost of senior care, adventure travel companies designed for seniors, and even a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of therapeutic personalized music to help people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Aging is inevitable; we’re here to help you find the right resources to guide you on your journey—for both the tough stuff and the fun stuff.

Learn more about the new site here.

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