What is the Probate Process?

Have you recently inherited a house? If so, you may be facing or in the probate process. Speaking from our own experience, it can seem a little overwhelming, especially if you aren’t familiar with the process. In this post, we offer a few basic tips that can be helpful if you need to sell an … Continued
A room filled with stuff in an as-is home purchase by Anna Buys Houses.

6 Techniques to Make Moving Easier When You Have Too Much Stuff

Are you thinking about moving to a new house? Is the thought of the hassle, stress, and lost time that often comes with moving keeping you awake at night? Don’t worry, we have six helpful techniques on how to make moving easier – especially when you have a lot of stuff! Keep reading to learn … Continued

Selling Your House? 3 Options to Consider

Selling your house can be an exciting time, and there are different ways to go about it! Depending on your situation, your timeline, and your interests, there are three good yet different options you may want to consider. In this post, we offer a quick overview of the paths one can take when selling a … Continued
Introduction to Anna Buys Houses

Introduction to Anna Buys Houses

I’m Anna with Anna Buys Houses in Omaha, Nebraska. We’re a family-owned business and we buy properties. older properties usually, in order to do tasteful remodels. We value honesty, direct communication, and being as helpful as we can to everyone we meet. As the company owner, I work with property owners who want to sell … Continued

What Happens When You Inherit a House? Rent or Sell in Omaha?

Inheriting a house can be a great opportunity, but it can also raise a big question, “What do I do now?” Should I rent it, sell it, or something else? If selling makes sense, how do I do that? If you’ve never been a homeowner, these questions can feel complicated. The reality is that property … Continued

5 Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash

In this article, we review several ways that selling your house quickly can provide financial and emotional benefits! Read on for more information … Once you decide to sell your house, it’s wise to consider the various options in order to maximize the profit from the sale. As you know, owning a house can be … Continued

4 Things to Be Aware of When You Inherit a House in Nebraska

If you’ve suddenly inherited a house, you may not be prepared for the impact it may have on your financial situation. We hope some of the information in this piece will alert you to a few things to anticipate if and when you find yourself in this situation.   4 Things to Be Aware of If … Continued

Tax Consequences of Selling an Inherited House in Omaha?

The tax consequences when selling a house inherited in Omaha can be difficult to understand. This piece reviews some of the key topics you need to know. At a superficial level, the tax laws for selling an inherited house are pretty simple–if you have a capital gain (an increase in the value of the property), … Continued

Ways to Avoid Mortgage Trouble as an Investor or Landlord

As a real estate investor or landlord, there may be times when it’s hard for you to pay the mortgage. Here are some simple but significant things you can do to avoid facing difficulties in paying your monthly mortgage. Keep your properties full. While it may sound overly simplified, this is the most obvious method … Continued