How to Sell Your House to an Investor in Omaha Nebraska

Many Americans still dream about owning their own homes. “What a day it will be! The day we have our very own space when we can listen to music without disturbing our neighbors, our own patch of green grass to play on!” Even today people still love to plan for the day of buying their own place and the sense of financial peace and security it brings.

In the past, homeowners would buy a place and live there for 40 or 50 years. But now many homebuyers (first-time buyers especially) have different attitudes; they’re perfectly okay with selling their home when their tastes change, or when they need to downsize or scale-up. So, when the time comes to sell your house, it can be frustrating to wait weeks or months even for the buyer with tastes like yours to come along, or for those with big enough budgets to remodel your home into something they desire.

Despite the market trends in Omaha slowly shifting, 2020 is still a buyer’s market. You can find yourself waiting weeks or months to get a fair price on your home.

How To Sell Your House To An Investor in Omaha

One option many homeowners are turning to is selling to a real estate investor like Anna Buys Houses to buy your house directly from you.

These independent investors typically purchase homes, repair them, and then use them to generate income, either as rentals or by selling them for a profit. Omaha has numerous reputable and trusted real estate investors who can buy your home directly.

Selling your house to an investor is quite simple.

You provide him or her with some information about your home and personal situation.

Typically, the investor will then inspect the home and determine a fair market value, taking into account necessary repairs, and then they’ll make an offer. If the offer works for you, you’ll close, and receive the payment for your house in cash… usually within 7-10 days if you want to close that quickly.

How Fast Can You Sell Your House To Local Investor?

This process is fast compared to more traditional methods, often taking just 7-10 days.

If you need to sell your Omaha home very quickly, with little hassle, selling to a Omaha real estate investor is a great option.

When you work with a real estate investor, there usually aren’t any fees involved, because you don’t have to pay a real estate agent commission, and most often, the investor will cover the closing costs for you.

Keep in mind real estate investors are often looking to purchase homes at a discount, which allows them to fix up the house if it needs repairs; they’re taking on the work, risk, and time to fix up the home and then sell it to another homeowner. So while you may get less for your house, it’s good to keep in mind you’ll also very likely save time and money by selling quickly.

The Hidden Costs Of Waiting To Sell Your Omaha House

Many people don’t consider the hidden costs of holding on to a property for months while they prep the home to sell and then go through the traditional process of listing through an agency.

Extra months of mortgage payments, utilities, maintenance costs, and other fees can add up quickly. If you go the traditional route of selling through a real estate agency, you may have the costs of cleaning out a lot of your clutter to stage for the photography and open houses that will be necessary; you may also need to make repairs, paint, or update kitchens and bathrooms to make the house easier to sell. Alternatively, selling at a discount to an investor, you could potentially end up with a larger sum in the long run.

By selling your home to a real estate investor, you’re saving yourself possible months of stress, and you can quickly move on to your new home. You can avoid some expensive fees and closing costs, and investors will often purchase your home “as-is”. Ultimately, there are pros and cons to each approach, but selling at a discount to a committed cash buying investor is just one more good option for consideration.

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