Listing Your Mobile Home vs. Selling to an Investor

Listing Your Mobile Home vs. Selling To An Investor In Omaha

Have you considered selling your mobile home in the Omaha area? In our latest post, we will take a look at what listing your mobile home vs. selling to an investor may mean for you and your current situation! 

When its time to sell your mobile home, it’s wise to have a clear understanding of what that will entail. Listing your mobile home can take time, which can negate the profits a listing might bring in over a direct sale. Below, we’ll take a look at some pros and cons of listing vs. selling to an investor.

Listing Your Mobile Home

The Pros

An Agent’s Help – You’ll receive assistance with marketing and showing the property, which can definitely be beneficial. Getting your property listed on the MLS requires the use of an agent. Keep in mind, an agent may not always be as dedicated to helping sell a mobile home as they might a single-family property, as their commission will likely be less.

Broader Audience – By getting your mobile home listed on the MLS, it will quickly be seen by a broad audience, including other agents who are looking for properties for their clients.

The Cons

Wasted Time – As with listing any property, there are no guarantees when it comes to listing your mobile home. You may wait for weeks or even months before you find a buyer and the sale goes through. And of course, as with any sale, there’s no guarantee you will get your listing price. You may need to lower your asking price, so be sure to take that into consideration. Although the market right now is a seller’s market, which is good for all sellers.

Costs – When you list your mobile home, some repairs will most certainly be needed. These costs can add up quickly and will need to be paid upfront. It also costs money to own the home, so if the property is on the market awhile, the holding costs can add up. This is important to keep in mind. You’ll also need to consider agent commissions.

Showings – When your property is on the MLS, prospective buyers will likely want to see it, preferably in person. Keeping it clean and ready for those last minute people who want to drop by and see it will be a must! Showings can be a drawback for people with busy lives and families and pets, but they’ll help sell the house so it’s good to be accommodating in this way.

Sales Falling Through – When your buyer is obtaining financing to buy the mobile home, it will be subject to appraisal. If it doesn’t appraise high enough, the sale can fall through. This can be very frustrating for owners who have been waiting months to sell!

Selling Your Mobile Home to a Direct Buyer

The Pros

Zero Wasted Time – When you sell your mobile home directly to a professional company like Anna Buys Houses, you won’t have to worry about any wasted time. We  can usually have a conversation, come take a look at the property, and make you an offer within a day or two. We are often able to close in a matter of days, if that’s your preference.

Zero Cost – You won’t have to worry about making repairs, paying commissions, or spending money to market the property. In addition, you can say goodbye to lot rent, utilities, insurance, and the other ownership costs you face each month.

No Property Showings – With investors like us, there’s no need to open the property up for showings. In fact, you won’t even be asked to clean up. We truly want to make the process easy for you.

Guaranteed Sale – When you sell your mobile home directly to Anna Buys Houses, you won’t have to worry about things falling through. We have the money to buy your house right away and are not reliant on bank financing in order to purchase your property. There’s another honest and reputable company in Omaha who buys mobile homes, and that is Mobile Homes Rock!  We encourage you to give them a look as well if you’d like to sell your mobile home in the metro area.

Know Your Closing Date – When you agree to sell to us, we’ll be able to talk with you to work together to select your closing date and sale price so you can plan ahead. We should also be able to close on the day that’s best for you.

The Cons

Lower Final Sale Price – Many people are sometimes a little leery of selling to an investor because they’re concerned about getting a lower price for the property. However, we encourage you to consider the money that will be saved by not having to put the property on the market; the price difference will probably be less than you thought! One thing to remember about working with investors rather than agents is that we take on the cost for repairs, which will save you a ton of time and the headache of doing those repairs yourself.

Overall, a direct sale offers guarantees on things such as the price and the closing date, while a traditional listing does not. A traditional listing may achieve a higher final sale price, but the repair costs, agent fees, commissions, closing costs, and marketing expenses can  negate the higher final sale price you may achieve. These things, plus the cost of your time.

Before you decide how you are going to sell your mobile home, run the numbers to determine which way of selling is right for you. At the end of the day, we want you to make a smart and well-informed decision about what you want to do! There are a lot of excellent real estate agents in Omaha. But sometimes selling the traditional way isn’t for everyone. Try to have fun exploring the options, and let us know if and how we can help. We’re happy to make a no-obligation offer for your Omaha area mobile home at any time.

If you want to learn more about listing your mobile home vs. selling to an investor in Omaha, give us a call or send us a message! (402) 313-8700
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