Marketing A Mobile Home For Sale

Marketing a mobile home for sale is a little different than marketing a typical single-family home. It’s good to prepare yourself for some of the questions that may be asked. Read on to learn a little more in preparation for selling!

Exploring Your Selling Options

As you begin to think about selling your mobile home, you’ll soon realize there are several  different paths to consider. As we love to say, it’s always good to have options! The most  common path to selling is to reach out to an agent and list your house on the MLS with their help. And this is a great road to take right now, in this very competitive market with limited home inventory. One thing we encourage you to do is to research agents in your community who do frequent mobile home sales. To get the best price, look for an agent who is experienced in selling mobile homes and will serve as a committed advocate for you throughout the process. Because agents make their income on sales commissions, and because mobile homes are usually sold at a lower price point than traditional homes, quite honestly agents can sometimes be a little less excited about selling mobile homes. And for some, mobile homes may be out their experiential wheelhouse altogether! So do your best to interview a couple of agents and find one who has done this type of sale before and is excited about working with you!

Another way to go of course is to opt to sell your property on your own, doing a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sale. This is when you take on the process of advertising, showing, answering questions, filing paperwork, and processing the closing  yourself. It can be a lot of work, especially for someone who has never sold a property in the past. But, anything is possible. We simply encourage you to learn as much about the FSBO process as possible before embarking on this path.

Another option for selling your mobile home in Omaha, would be to work with a direct buyer. This can eliminate any need to market the property and any worry you might have about costs before or after the sale. Anna Buys Houses buys mobile homes directly, and we’re happy to discuss the possibility of our purchasing the home from you, which allows you to avoid not only any marketing headaches, but also the headaches and expenses associated with repairs or updates.

Whichever path you take, talk with your mobile home park office to let them know about your plans to sell and to get any information or documents you may need from them to share with the potential buyer. Buyers will certainly want to know what the HOA fees are and any restrictions there may be to living in the park.

Marketing that Works

If you do choose using a realtor or even if you decide to do your own For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) listing, the market of interested buyers is going to typically be a little smaller than with traditional homes, so if you can foresee and then answer some of the questions you’ll likely be asked, that should serve you well. Incorporating some of this information into the sales description can also help sell the home. For example, potential buyers may want to know answers to questions such as: Who was the builder? Some builders are known for certain qualities so if you know the company it was built by, that’s great and can be a plus when it comes time to sell. What’s the home’s history? What updates have been made, when, and why? Is the home’s foundation solid? And how is the ground soil under the foundation? And as mentioned above, a very important piece of information everyone will want to know:  What are the fees and rules associated with this particular mobile home park community?

Before beginning to market your mobile home, take a look at recently purchased homes in your area using Zillow or Redfin. Who is buying where? What are they paying? Use any and all information you can glean to market to the audience you want to go after for the sale of your home.

If You Just Don’t Have the Time, Money, or Energy …

When the time comes to sell your mobile home in Omaha, and if you simply don’t have the time, money or energy to make repairs and add the curb appeal that often helps make the sale, feel free to contact us at Anna Buys Houses. We don’t buy every home we see, but we do know other professional home buyers in the area who may be interested in your property. Regardless of whether or not we purchase your mobile home, we really do want you to be able to sell quickly, get a great price, and move on with life! 

To learn more about selling your mobile home for sale in Omaha, please give our team a call!

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